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Bali, Indonesia, 2009

Photo by Stephanie Lauren Davis


In the same way that art must be approached through cultural influences, societies must be studied through the art, philosophy and literature they produce. Since students approach all studies most effectively through their own interests, Lamar Community College offered courses through the lenses which best appealed to individual student interests. Students in my courses knew they would build upon their exposure to culture though hands-on, creative exploration of society through the lens of art, humanities, and literature. Democratic, student-initiated intensive group projects allowed students to explore the key concepts contained within the disciplinary framework.


Cultural Anthropology: Open Range Cattle Laws to Globalization: Students explore how linguistics, social and political organizations, religion, art and culture influence cultural patterns and shape everyday behavior.

Introduction to Sociology: Computer etiquette, cyber-bullying and coming out: Computer-based communication in a hybrid classroom with student-generated overviews on basic concepts and theories discussing how society is formed through culture, art, philosophy and literature expressed by various and social groups.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.