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Recent Exhibit: Faces of Hope


One-person, one-night exhibit of work in Chicago’s South Loop featuring large-scale photography and acrylic canvases. Photo by Rj Molyneux-Davis










I have spent years teaching others of art and how to create it, neglecting my own practice as I encouraged others to develop theirs.


Sure, I rarely went out without a camera so I could collect the perfect shot at the exhibit for my next lecture. Yes, I would pick up a brush or tap out a few lines of poetic prose occasionally, but I'd forgotten why I embarked on my career in the first place: I love not just critiquing art, but making it.


I recently returned to my art practice. When I did, my brushes were rusty, my paints thick and dry. I am creating again, no longer playing the hypocritical instructor who never practices what she teaches.


My goal is to no longer confine my lessons to the classroom, but get back into my community and reach

out to those who may have at one time loved art enough to have once thought they, too, wanted to be able to include "artist" as a skill--or encourage those who will one day be able to list it on their resume.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.