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May 2012: AIC: "Conversation with Dawoud Bey: Harlem, U.S.A.," Dawoud Bey and

Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts, Lecturers

April 2012: AIC: "Copies as Originals: Decoding El Greco," Francesca Casadio and

Richard G. Mann, Lecturers

March 2012: AIC: “In Search of the Byzantine Artist,” Charles Barber, Lecturer

March 2012: AIC with Avalon String Quartet, Beethoven Quartet Cycle: “Radical

Form; Opus 18, No. 6 and Opus 133”

March 2012: AIC: “It’s All Old Kingdom to Me: Three Millennia of Continuity in

Egyptian Art,” Dr. Mary Ellen Miller, Lecturer

March 2012: AIC: “The Parthenon: How Innovative Is It?” Dr. Barbara A Barletta,


November 2011: SAIC Penultimate Review Presentation: “On Taking an Interpretive

Risk: Uses of Media in Sex Education,” Dr. Karyn Sandlos, Lecturer

October 2011: AIC Norma Hugh Lifton Lecture: “White Dress, Broken Glass: Starting

All Over Again in the Age of Revolution,” Anne Higonnet, Lecturer

September 2011: SAIC Visiting Artist Program: “Art and Imminence,” Homi Bhabha,


March 2011: University of Colorado Visiting Scholars Lecture Series: “Manet in the

Age of Reproducibility,” Anne Higonnet, Lecturer

September 2010: Mary E. V. McClanahan Memorial Lecture Series: “Was There A

Trojan War?” Peter Hunt, Lecturer

June 2009: CSO/AIC “Dvorak Festival: Echoes of a New World”

June 2009: Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago Members’ Event: “The

Epigraphic Survey in Luxor: Change and Challenges in the Nile Valley,” W. Raymond Johnson, Lecturer

May 2009: CAF “Devil in the White City Companion Bus Tour”

April 2009: AIC “From Harlem to the Character Project” Dawoud Bey, Lecturer

April 2009: AIC Symposium, “Yousuf Karsh and the Art of Photographic Portraiture,”

Jerry Fielder, Lecturer

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.