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Atticus Finch

A mock trial based upon To Kill a Mockingbird

Fall 2009 LCC Reads Symposium


In the same way that art must be approached through an historical perspective for fullest appreciation, literature students step into the world of the author with hands-on projects, applying the main concepts presented in the literature to their contemporary lives.


American Literature I: Prehistory to Civil War: Burnt maps, whoopee cushions and crows: students lead one another from Native American writings across farting for freedom through the inevitable midnight dreary, discussing historical, political, geographic and social contexts of early American literature.


American Literature II: Modernity: PPD, PTSD and STD: relevant topics as students discuss American literature within the past century.


Introduction to Literature: Prose, poetry and playwrights: students tear through a range of genres, culminating in memorization of fourteen lines of material, their choice, interpreted any way they like: costume is optional.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.