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Graduation Day

English 122 student celebrates completion of his degree

Photo by RJ Molyneux-Davis, 2009


Success in any career is dependent entirely upon one's ability to communicate well. From basic writing to advanced composition, students move closer to acheiving their academic goals in my classroom built upon a mix between creative expression and fundamental writing, developing their voice and technical proficiency with each step along the way.


English Writing Fundamentals and Basic Composition: Good readers make better writers; each class is comprised of students studying, critiquing, criticizing and correcting literature ranging from blog to essay to novel, learning and actively engaging with materials drawn from their own encounters with the written word, further developing their skills working with English conventions


English Composition I: Analysis, evaluation, comparison and persuasion: Students, through group work and close analysis of contemporary essays, develop their planning, writing and revising techniques, learning in the final presentation of their material at community-wide symposiums that the ultimate way to proofread a paper is through public delivery of their written word


English Composition II: Leadership through mentorship: Second semester students guide beginning writers, meanwhile producing their own twenty page research papers which may be included in the community-wide symposium

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.