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God's Eye

Anonymous Student, Fall 2009

Acrylic on Canvas

12 x 18"

Self-expression rather than imitation is our goal as we approach art. Students learn of historically recognized "masterpieces," yet their voices are heard as they choose the artists they would like to discuss in a Democratic classroom built upon group and individual presentations which explore the key concepts introduced in the world of art.


Art Appreciation: Techniques, traditions and terminology: Students introduce their favorite artists in their Power Points, presenting concepts behind visual arts and media, culminating in their final project featuring geographical, societal, and even culinary and traditional costume influences as they answer the questions, “Which Artist Am I?” This student's work reflects the influence of O'keefe and Gaugain, her two favorite artists.


Art History 121, 122: Madonna: Prehistoric Through Modern Representation of the Female Form; just one of the many museum exhibits which have been shared with the campus community, followed by a student-led final exam review that sounds like a well-practiced liturgy; call and response chants of their favorite artwork they have shared throughout the semester.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.