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Getting Started


To access Digication you must opt into SAIC Gmail.  Log into the Portal and click on First time user click here to opt-in! in the upper right corner.

To begin your ePortfolio log into you SAIC Gmail account.  Select the More> Digication at the top of your Gmail window.   


This will take you to Digication.  You must agree to the guidelines before you can continue.  Once you agreed to the guidelines you will come to the Home page.  Your Home page displays all of your ePortfolios and current Art Education courses.  Select Create at the upper right side of the page. 

Enter your name in the Title of Your ePortfolio field as you would like it to appear in a professional manner.  Since you will have access to this portfolio after you graduate think of it as an extension of your resume.  How does your name appear on your resume?

You can modify the URL for your ePortfolio web address.  Select e-Portfolio Web Address> Edit.  Manually type in your preferred URL.


Select the template for your program (BFAAE, MAT OR MAAE) in Choose a Template.  Your selected template will appear in full color when clicked upon and the remaining templates will appear dull in color. 

Choose a theme:  For now leave this part and come back to Personalize this later.


Permissions: Select Private for the time being.  You can make your portfolio public at a later date. 

Customize this setting so your professors can check your work Portfolio Tools > Settings> Customize Permissions> in Additional Permissions type the email address for every Art Education instructor you are taking a course with.  You must use the @saic.edu email alias, not @artic.edu.

Some of the material that you post here may not be appropriate for the general public, e.g. cooperating teachers, family, or future employers.

  • Viewer: can view your e-Portfolio  
  • Editor: can edit your e-Portfolio but not publish  
  • Publisher: can edit and publish your e-Portfolio  
  • Admin: can edit e-Portfolio settings including adding and removing users edit and publish your e-Portfolio.

As you approach graduation you will want make your portfolio public for job interviews.  Verify that your ePortfolio will appear in the Public Directory. Go to Portfolio Tools > Settings and check the option for "Yes, show in directory."


Allow tags so when your ePortfolio is complete your portfolio can be searched and sorted by a variety of criteria.  

Save your work.

You can return to the settings by clicking on Portfolio Tools> Settings.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.