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Using Reflections


When a student has submitted content that is ready for assessment an orange box will display in the Assignment Grid.  Click within the orange box to access the assignment.  

This will open a review and entry point for all the components to the assignment.  You can select the evidence submitted by the student to review. 

Once the assignment has been reviewed select the Reflection step (here titled Instructor Reflection) to submit feedback directly to the student.  

Click the Submit Assessment button to complete the Reflection.

This will open the Reflection in a new window.  

Instructors have two options for submitting a reflection.  Rich Text can be used to type feedback directly into the window provided.  Or Upload can be used to attach a student document (if the document was submitted as a Word of PDF file and downloaded by the instructor) with comments typed directly into the document.  Browse for the file previously downloaded and edited in your computer.  


Additionally an extra Comments section is provided.

Click the Save and Submit button to send feedback to the student.  

To save the Reflection for later click the Save, do not submit button.

To remove your Reflections click the Cancel button.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.