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Use the Settings tab to control many of the tools for your course.

Go to the sidebar on the left.



Status: To see the basic course information

General Info: To edit the course title, description, dates, and tools. 

Note: In What Tools Do I need? the assignment box must be checked to use Digication for students to submit coursework


Delete: To permanently remove the course and all the assignments from Digication. There is no way to retrieve a deleted course.



Add Standards: Search for ISBE Fine Art and Illinois Content Area, Professional Teaching, Language Art, and Technology Standards. 

Use the drop down menu under Search Other Standards to locate specific standards that are addressed in this course.  Courses specific to ISBE teaching certification must select Teaching Standards that apply. 



User Access: Manage students, teaching assistant, and instructor access.  Faculty access can be determined for courses with multiple instructors by checking the Faculty box to instructor names



User Log: Observe email addresses, last log in date/time, and last postings from all course users

Group Email: Contact all students and instructors at once. 



Discussions in Digication will replace Groups with private discussions on the SAIC Ning. 

Content Reorder: Manage content within course discussions. 

Categories: Rename or remove categories that are topics for discussion. 

Groups: Create sub-groups for discussions among students. 

Export Discussions: Access your course content without connecting to Digication for archival purposes or if you need to access course content without an Internet connection.

Import: Import discussions from other courses within Digication.



Edit Links: Create a list of websites for the course. 

Click the Add New Links button.

Insert a title for the link in the Name window.

Copy and paste the web-address in the URL window:













DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.