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Make a Keynote into a QuickTime Movie

You can use the steps below to embed your Keynote presentation as a movie in a Image/Video/Audio Module.  PowerPoint presentations with animations or audio can also be opened in Keynote and converted to a movie. 


Open the presentation in Keynote.  Select the File Menu> Export.

In the Export window select the QuickTime Setting.  Select Playback Uses: Fixed Timing.  (Consider how long you would prefer each slide to be visible; 10 seconds is a good start) Slide Duration: 10.0 or longer.  In the Format menu select Full Quality, Large.  If your presentation has audio content select Include Audio.  Last select include transparency.  Click Next.  

Title the file. Click the Export button.

The Export to QuickTime window will open and run through your presentation while exporting. 

Upload the file in a Image/Video/Audio Module.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.