DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.


This Module allows you to display multiple medias such as movie, image, or audio files.

Select the Edit tab> Add Media.

A new window will open for selecting your media.  For files from your own computer select the From My Computer tab. 

 Click the Browse for media button. 

Select the files from your computer or external hard drive.  Use the Shift key on your keyboard to upload mutiple files at once.  As the media loads your progress will be displayed. You can select mutiple files at once by holding down the shift key. 

Once the files have loaded click the Done button. 

For media from the Internet select the Media From Web tab. Copy and paste the embed code from the web (such as from YouTube) into the Embed field. 


Once the file has loaded click the Done button. 


To edit the files select the Edit tab 

The arrangement of thumbnails can be modified for a top, left side, or numbered layout.   

Incorrect files can be replaces with the Change Image/Video button. 

Captions can be added below each image with the Edit Caption button. 

Captions have the same buttons/options as the Rich Text Module.  You can hover the mouse over each button to find out what it does or see Rich Text for more information.  

To remove a file from the Gallery click the Delete button. 

A new window will open confirming the removal of this file. 


You can reorder any of the files in this Module by dragging the thumbnail up or down while in the Edit tab.


Note: You can use the Gallery Module to display embedded PowerPoint presentations. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.