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Copy a Rubric


Inside the window select the course (note section number and dates) from which you wish to copy the original rubric.  Note you will still have to select the course even if you are copying a rubric from within the same course.

After selecting the courseclick the Go button to search.  

A list of Rubrics from this course will appear.  Scroll through the list.  Naming each new rubric you create is important for finding it again later when you want to reproduce that rubric for other assignments. 

Insert the rubric with the Select button. 

Once the rubric is insert click the Done button.

This will close the window and return to the assignment.  Click the Save button at the button of the Workflow step

or Cancel.

The rubric is now added to the assignment.  You can make changes by clicking the Edit This Rubric button. See Create a New Rubric for instructions on constructing or editing.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.