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Lasting Impressions


Framing. I would tell my English Composition students that was the crucial part of an essay, the unifying theme. For me, oddly, the Blackhawks seem to be the unifying theme which best frames my Chicago experience. The year before they brought home the Stanley Cup in 2010, I ran flashdrives back and forth for AP, catching glimpses of the game as I did. 


Now, I find myself drawing my Chicago experience to a close, watching the city bask in the glow of their second Stanley Cup victory in three years, a glow best seen at the foot of the Field Museum, on a bench I occupied the first week I lived in Chicago, not far from where I had rested on my first bike ride along Lakeshore path. 


Perfect way to say goodbye: opening day of AIC's Impressionism Exhibit, concert on the Great Lawn, fireworks where it all began. 


Cheers, Chicago! I will miss you, my friend. It's all about the framing... Now if only I could figure out what to do with the canvas!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.