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Lincoln Bridge Inn and King Tower Café


Tama, IA


July 10, 2013


Located along the historic Lincoln Highway, which was the first trans-continental American highway, the King Tower Café originally opened in 1937 and was part of a complex that included the café, 18 cabins, garage, towing service and gas station. The 1950’s murals decorating the diner celebrate the influence of the Meskwaki Nation traditions that have shaped local culture. The current owner, who also owns the nearby Lincoln Bridge Inn, in addition to running (literally) from one business to the other, serves as the local high school assistant soccer coach. Raised in Albania, Jimmy, pictured, also owns another diner in Illinois and has plans to eventually run for Tama City Council. Jimmy’s family-run businesses encourage guests and patrons to gather together for long, informal conversations, whether in the newly refurbished café booths or on the porch of Lincoln Bridge Inn.


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