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Giving into the Misgivings: Pushing Pedals


June 18, 2013


Chicago, IL


“Gather ye rosebuds while ye still may…”


Art making is risk taking. With creation comes a deep sense of vulnerability. Art bares one’s soul. Only through that process may the artist achieve the sense of universal experience necessary to appeal to all audiences.


As artist, I ask myself if my soul possesses enough depth to speak to a universal audience. Have my experiences shaped a work that will convey a message to my viewer?


Benjamin notes that a work of art may be relevant only to the particular epoch in which it was created. Every artist wrestles with the misgivings about whether or not his or her art is able to even successfully reach one’s own age, much less transcend the test of time.


My journey isn’t about that. It is a personal quest I must take, one to discover my own mettle, my own resolve to see a project through to its completion, one push of a pedal at a time.


Leonardo DaVinci wrestled with exactly this same dilemma, rarely finishing a single piece, and often, because of his experimentation, even those pieces he did finish quickly began to deteriorate. His inability to successfully execute a task cost him his job on many occasions, and he jumped from one location to another, and his best work, his Notebooks, was not executed under the auspices of artist but civil servant.


Am I DaVinci? Absolutely not, although lately I feel as though I am as displaced as he often found himself, wandering from place to place, trying to find somewhere I may call home.


And yet I am still searching, and for now, I am ready to share a small bike trailer with my dog as we seek a place we may call home… And as I do, if I happen to make art, that will be an additional perk of my quest.


“use your time/ For having lost but once your prime/ You may for ever tarry”

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.