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Curriculum Vitae


Master's Thesis: A Guide to "Formless Growth": Democratic Educational Space Critically Transforming Chicago's Monumental Public Art


Humanities/Comparative Literature Honor's Thesis: “James’s Canvas: An Analysis of Henry James’s Representation of Art in The American;” awarded magna cum laude in Comparative Literature and Humanities; Jill Heydt-Stevenson, Ph.D., Advisor

English Literature Honor's Thesis: “Mon Bon: An Analysis of the Triadic Dialogue Between Author, Art and Observer in the Ghostly Tales of Henry James;” awarded magna cum laude, English Literarture; Jeremy Green, Ph.D., Advisor


January 2013: Faces of Hope; One-night, one person exhibit in Chicago's South Loop featuring large-format photographic prints and acrylic canvases

October 2012: Sod, Bead and Chair; Photography featured in performance by Raphaelle Ziemba at Link's Hall, Chicago


University of Colorado at Boulder; Access Scholarship: Fall 2010 - Spring 2011

University of Colorado at Boulder; Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship; First Generation Scholarship; President’s Honor Roll: Spring 1999 - Spring 2000

University of Colorado at Boulder; Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship; First Generation Scholarship; Dean’s Honor Roll: Fall 1998

Colorado Community College Student Council Association, Rising Star Award: Spring 1998

Lamar Community College, Valedictorian; Phi Theta Kappa, Charter Member; Student Council Leadership Award, Lamar Community College Student Council; The Paul Crawford Humanities Award: Excellence in English Composition, Arts and Humanities; English, Art and History Departments: Spring 1998

Community Connections

Current: SAIC NAEA Student Chapter Member, SAIC Student Museum Coalition Member

Professional Organizations

2010: Lamar Community College Representative to Colorado Community College System Faculty Senate

2008 - 2010: Faculty Senate: Lamar Community College Member

2008 - 2010: AQIP: Lamar Community College AQIP Systems Portfolio, Fall 2009 Co-Author

2009 - 2010: Strategic Oversight Committee: Communications Assessment Action Project Member


Related Studies

Ongoing: Scholarly Studies of American Art Museums; Chicago Institute of Art, Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, Oriental Art Institute (Member 2009-2010); Metropolitan Museum of Art; Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art; National Gallery of Art, Georgia O’Keefe Museum, and Denver Art Museum (Member since 2010)

Summer 2006: International Study: Art and History of France and Italy; Lamar High School EF Tour; Volunteer co-advisor for Lamar High School Study Abroad program with supervision of students participating in extensive historical and artistic research and study in France and Italy at the following locations: Paris: Musee du Louvre, Musee d’Orsay and Versailles; Antibes, Nice, Eze, Republic of Monaco, Pisa, Assisi, and Rome

Spring 2000: International Study: Independent study of European Art World of Henry James; Included extensive on-site research and photography of art and architecture in Paris, France; Florence, Ravenna, and Rome, Italy; featuring Notre Dame, Musee du Louvre, Galleria dell’Accademia, Uffizi, Sta. Croce, Il Duomo; Arian Baptistery, S. Appollinare Nuovo, Mausoleum della Galla Placidia, S. Vitale; Colosseum, Forum, Pantheon, Museo Capitolino, Sta. Maria della Vittoria and Vatican

Professional Experience


2008-2010: Liberal Arts Instructor, Lamar Community College

2001-2008: Adjunct Faculty Member, Lamar Community College


Courses Taught:


Art Appreciation: Introduction to the visual arts, including media, processes, techniques, traditions and terminology

Art History I: Ancient to Medieval; Survey of visual art, Ancient through Medieval, including arts of the Eastern and Western tradition

Art History II: Renaissance to Modern; Survey of visual art, Renaissance through Modernity, including arts of the Eastern and Western Tradition


Digital Photography: Introduction to digital photography and PhotoShop; Collaborative Special Interest course co-taught with AP Photographer Charles Rex Arbogast


Humanities I: Early Civilization; Introduction to the connections between the visual arts, literature, music and values of European and non-European Ancient World to 1000 CE

Humanities II: From Medieval to Modern: Introduction to the connections between text, visual arts and musical compositions of European and non-European civilizations from 1000 to 1750 CE

Humanities  III: The Modern World; Examines how industrialism and scientific development have shaped the arts, ideas and history of European and non-European cultures from the 18th century through present day


American Literature to Civil War: Overview of American literature from the Native American through 19th Century Romantics through historical, political, geographic and social contexts

American Literature Modernity: Overview of American literature from the Civil War through present day, exploring historical and social context that have shaped various genres and major American writers

Introduction to Literature: Emphasizing critical and responsive reading and writing, this course introduces fiction, poetry, drama and non-fiction of Western and Eastern authors


English Writing Fundamentals and Basic Composition: Introduces beginning writers to paragraph and essay formation, emphasizing development of basic English conventions

English Composition I: Develops planning, writing and revising techniques using the rhetorical frameworks of analytical, evaluative, comparative, and persuasive compositions through critical and close analysis of contemporary essays

English Composition II: Expands on skills acquired in English Composition I, emphasizing critical thinking and reading, evaluation, and research to produce an analytical, evaluative or persuasive final paper


Cultural Anthropology: Explores how linguistics, social and political organizations, religion, art and culture influence cultural patterns and learned behavior


Introduction to Sociology: Overview of basic concepts and theories discussing how society is formed through culture and social groups, emphasizing discussion of gender, sexuality, class and race


Professional Service: Community Awareness

Current Conversations: Spring 2012 Chicago Town Hall Meetings


Community Symposiums:


2008 - 2010: Lamar Community College Reads: Co-Director of campus-wide, co-curricular reading program, advising student-generated community wide lectures and associated events


2007 - 2010: Taste of Tradition: Lamar Community College Annual Multicultural Festival Co-Sponsor


Continuing Education



Fall 2010-Spring 2011: University of Colorado Continuing Education Program


                  ARTHIST 6939: Research Seminar; Manet; Marilyn Brown, Ph.D., Lecturer


                  COMPLIT 5000: Research Seminar; Problems in Literary and Visual History;

David Ferris, Ph.D., Lecturer


                  CLASSLA 1000-1020: Beginning, Intermediate Latin; Zachary Fischer, MACL,

MSIS, Instructor


                  FRENCH 2020: Advanced French



January 2009, 2010: Conversation Day; Lamar Community College Campus-Wide Initiative on Strategic Growth, Integrated Marketing and Retention

November 2009: Airliner/Smart Pad In-Service Training; Deb Loper, Ph.D., Coordinator

September 2009: Colorado Community College System Co-curricular Development Symposium

October 2009: Integrated Classroom; inner-disciplinary approach to co-instructor pedagogy in the Colorado Community College System




March 2013: AIC: “Penelope in Persepolis – The Power of Images to Stop War,” Tonio Holscher, Lecturer



October 2012: AIC: “Debussy and Impressionism,” Chicago Chamber Musicians



October 2012: AIC: “Ritual Mask from Teotihuacan,” Curator Richard Townsend, Lecturer



September 2012: AIC: “Conversations on Richard Strauss’s 1909 ‘Elektra’,” Roger Pines interviews Lyric Opera director David McVicar and production designer John Macfarlane



September 2012: AIC: “The Delphic Oracle: Ancient Myths and Modern Science,” John Hale, Lecturer


April 2012: AIC: "Conversation: Dawoud Bey: Harlem, U.S.A." with Dawoud Bey and Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts

March 2012: AIC: “In Search of the Byzantine Artist,” Charles Barber, Lecturer

March 2012: AIC with Avalon String Quartet, Beethoven Quartet Cycle: “Radical Form; Opus 18, No. 6 and Opus 133”

March 2012: AIC: “It’s All Old Kingdom to Me: Three Millennia of Continuity in Egyptian Art,” Dr. Mary Ellen Miller, Lecturer

March 2012: AIC: “The Parthenon: How Innovative Is It?” Dr. Barbara A Barletta, Lecturer

November 2011: SAIC Penultimate Review Presentation: “On Taking an Interpretive Risk: Uses of Media in Sex Education,” Dr. Karyn Sandlos, Lecturer

October 2011: AIC Norma Hugh Lifton Lecture: “White Dress, Broken Glass: Starting All Over Again in the Age of Revolution,” Anne Higonnet, Lecturer

September 2011: SAIC Visiting Artist Program: “Art and Imminence,” Homi Bhabha, Lecturer

March 2011: University of Colorado Visiting Scholars Lecture Series: “Manet in the Age of Reproducibility,” Anne Higonnet, Lecturer

September 2010: Mary E. V. McClanahan Memorial Lecture Series: “Was There A Trojan War?” Peter Hunt, Lecturer

June 2009: CSO/AIC “Dvorak Festival: Echoes of a New World”

June 2009: Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago Members’ Event: “The Epigraphic Survey in Luxor: Change and Challenges in the Nile Valley,” W. Raymond Johnson, Lecturer

May 2009: CAF “Devil in the White City Companion Bus Tour”

April 2009: AIC “From Harlem to the Character Project” Dawoud Bey, Lecturer

April 2009: AIC Symposium, “Yousuf Karsh and the Art of Photographic Portraiture,” Jerry Fielder, Lecturer



May 2012: AIC Exhibit: "Dawoud Bey: Harlem, U.S.A."

April 2012: MCA Exhibit: “This Will Have Been: Art, Love & Politics in the 1980’s”

March 2012: AIC Exhibit: “Focus: Sharon Hays”

November 2011: AIC Exhibit: “The Three Graces”

October 2011: AIC Exhibit: “Timothy H. O’Sullivan: The King Survey Photographs”

October 2011: AIC Exhibit: “Fujinuma Noboru: Master of Bamboo”

January 2011: DAM Exhibit: “Tutankhamen: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs”

August 2009: AIC Exhibit: “A Case For Wine: From King Tut to Today”

July 2009: AIC Exhibit: “Ink on Paper: Japanese Monochromatic Prints”

June 2009: AIC Exhibit: “Soaring Peaks, Lofty Spirits”

March 2009: AIC Exhibit: “Yousef Karsh: Regarding Heroes”

March 2009: AIC Exhibit: “Modern and Contemporary Works on Paper”

April 2008: DAM’s “Inspiring Impressionism”

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