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In my courses, we don’t just strive toward mastery of knowledge in an academically rigorous classroom, but learn how to learn within a creative, self-generated framework built upon three key components: multiple learning modalities, democracy, and commu



Classes are comprised of student-generated questions. We think aloud together developing discourse built upon critical close analysis of current events, surrounding cultures and our community. We work in groups

to prepare projects ranging from community-wide symposia and exhibits to student-generated discussions: sharing our ideas with our extended community so we are prepared to actively engage with issues important and relevant to our society as a whole.


My courses appeal to all learning 

modalities with assessments that span tactile, visual, cultural and audio expression. By learning to learn within the scope of our own learning styles, we approach new material within a framework which best allows us to assimilate new information. Learning becomes a process rather than merely a vacuous list of hollow knowledge. Additionally, I believe we learn best in a safe environment. A


s a community, I ask that we avoid disparaging comments regarding race, religion, sex, gender, culture and politics.




We assume full responsibility for creation and authorship of our work, looking to outside sources, choosing primary over secondary sources, keeping in mind that plagiarism includes borrowing an author's or artist's ideas as well as the order in which he/she presents them.  In research-driven activities, we give credit where credit is due and assimilate as much information as possible in the process.




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International Students Graduating from Lamar Community College; May, 2009

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