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These National Core Standards Assessments for 2nd, 5th, 8th, and High School Proficient, Accomplished and Advanced Levels may be partnered with Public Art Chicago (http://www.publicartchicago.org/), a free cell phone app whose mission in part is to increase awareness of the intergenerational interaction students may have in the democratic educational space surrounding public art within their own neighborhoods. Although the app is Chicago-specific, the curriculum and web page aren't, and our hope is to eventually include other cities in the app. 


The curriculum includes assessment description, implementation, strategies and procedures, as well as vocabulary, skills, scoring devices, task specific rubrics, and assessment focus charts, all designed to encourage students of all levels to interact with public art. The lesson plans target the National Core Standards, including how students respond to (perceive, analyze and interpret) public works of art by interacting with visitors who share that space, then in turn create (experiment, investigate, reflect and relate) their own works in response to their investigation. The final criterion of National Core Standards addressed in the curriculum includes display of student art. The web page provides a space where teachers may upload their students’ work in a blog format.


Additional History and Writing Core Standards Assessments linking the Visual Art component will be added throughout summer and fall 2016. 


All material derived from http://nationalartsstandards.org/ 


If you would like PDF files for any of these Assessments, please contact the curator at rjarts63@gmail.com


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.